Job Floris

Monadnock is a Rotterdam based architecture practice, established in 2006 by Job Floris and Sandor Naus. Monadnock is active in designing, researching, writing and conversing within the field of architecture, urbanism, interior and staging. This includes the space of the street, the city and the interior. Monadnock works on contemporary buildings, consciously embedding architecture in the cultural production of current generation by examining themes such as the contemporain & tradition, convention & banality, constructive logic & illusionary representation. Intrigued by the use of historical precedents as well as contemporary visual culture, handicraft & technology, the practice constantly seeks interaction with other disciplines. Monadnock aims for an architecture that combines beauty, efficiency and the transfer of architectural knowledge. Monadnock gained international attention for realizing tailor-made contemporary buildings, among which a considerable number of public buildings. Such as a beach pavilion on the River Maas, a huge 'Make No Little Plans' installation and The Landmark Nieuw Bergen.

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