Tiago Correia

Filipa Guerreiro and Tiago Correia (1976), architects (FAUP. 2000 + Erasmus IUAVeneza in 98/99). Tiago worked with João Álvaro Rocha (1999-2001) and Filipa with Álvaro Siza (1999-2000). Filipa teachs Projecto in FAUP where he defended his doctoral thesis “Portuguese Agricultural Colonies built by the Internal Colonization Board between 1936 and 1960. The house, the settlement and the territory”. In 2008 created the Atelier da Bouça, but they’ve been working together since 1998. From their works, most of them the result of a public competition, they highlight EPRAMI Professional School (Young Architect Award, 04/05 CVG) and EBI grammar school (selected to Habitar Portugal 2003-2005) both in Paredes de Coura, the environmental centres of Matosinhos (selected to Habitar Portugal 2000-2002) and of Protected Landscape the Corno de Bico (selected to Habitar Portugal 2006-2008, FAD finalist in 2008 and named Mies Award 2009) and Bouça das Cardosas Houses (selected to Habitar Portugal 2012-2014, named Mies Award 2015. In 2007 they integrated the selection ' 44 Young International Architects ' / Architecture Plus (Grupo Via, Barcelona). In 2008, Atelier da Bouça was selected for the nº 128 of the magazine 'Arquitectura Viva' under the title ' EMERGENT Twenty Emerging Teams '.

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