Gabrielle Hächler

Gabrielle Hächler Art history studies at Zurich University, architectural studies at the Federal Technical Polytechnic (ETH) Zurich. 1988 degree at the ETH Zurich. 4 years assistant lecturership in the Department of Construction at the ETH Zurich. As of 1988 own architectural office. Temporary co-operation with other architects and artists. Andreas Fuhrimann Physics studies and architectural studies at the ETH Zurich, 1985 architectural degree at the ETH Zurich. As of 1987 co-operation with Christian Karrer. 1988 lecturer at Zurich University of the Arts. As of 1995 co-operation Gabrielle Hächler with Andreas Fuhrimann. 2005 admitted to the Association of Swiss Architects (BSA). 2009-2011 Visiting Professor at the ETH Zurich. Since 2011 Professors for Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Arts Berlin.

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