Johan Anrys

51N4E is rooted in Europe, where comfort slows down change. In the face of a democratic and ecological deficit, transformation happens here in a space that is already occupied by multiple and often parallel realities. In this context, we use design to help overcome opposition and create integrated value and new experiences. 51N4E is a self-steering collective that wants to empower people to be both autonomous and connected. It does so by organizing the supportive processes needed for a collaborative design culture. This collaboration platform combines the internal studios with a growing network of external partners. As such, it mirrors today’s complex reality and produces an ecosystem of knowledge. Dealing with urban transformation happens at the intersection of different decisions, practices and stakeholders. In these complex conditions, we set up design processes as learning environments, where design can become an instrument for productive uncertainty. We call this approach Design in Dialogue. As a group, the people at 51N4E practise this daily. It is a collective effort to see design as a process that connects knowledge, combining personal engagement with radical openness to others.

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