Following the successful experience of the Summer School in Porto and the Visiting Schools in Mexico City and Versailles, Porto Academy aims now for a new Visiting School entitled 'Visiting Sweden' that will take place in Stockholm and in Växjö, in the Småland region of Sweden. It will be focused on studying and interpreting the tradition of the local industry of the prefabrication of wood houses and how this has been an influence for the architecture of today, but also to speculate about its future.
The program will make an introduction to Swedish culture with visits to important architectural references in Stockholm and the research of historical examples of the Småland region, and other examples from other cities or countries where participants are coming from. The program will take the study cases given by the local industry, its technology advances and industrial offer to enable a new design of prefab houses.
Porto Academy Visiting School program consists in a weeklong workshop studio with lectures, study trips, critiques, exhibition sets and production of editorial content. Each Workshop Leader is responsible for the academic program of the studio under the thematic given by the purpose of the Visiting School.