Porto Academy

Porto Academy

Guest Lecturers
Florian Idenburg, Macias Peredo

Workshop Leaders
Go Hasegawa, Manuel Cervantes, Rozana Montiel, Sam Chermayeff, Zeller & Moye

Guest Critics
Derek Dellekamp, Erick Pérez, Luis Aldrete

Ricardo Leitão, Rita Furtado

Amélia Brandão Costa, Rodrigo da Costa Lima

Casa Barragán, Casa Gilardi, Museo Jumex, Liga DF

Arca, Panoramah


Cesar Berjar


Fundación Barragán

Casa Luis Barragán, built in 1948, represents one of the most internationally transcendent works of contemporary architecture, as acknowledged by the UNESCO when included in their 2004 World Heritage list. It is the only individual property in Latin America to have achieved such a distinct honor, being — as stated by the UNESCO itself — a master piece in the development of the modern movement that merges traditional and vernacular elements, as well as diverse philosophical and artistic currents throughout time, into a new synthesis. Luis Barragán’s influence in global architecture is still in constant growth; and his house, faithfully kept just the way it was when inhabited by its author until his death in 1988, is one of the most visited sites in Mexico City by architects and art connoisseurs from around the world. This museum, which encloses its creator’s residency and studio, is property of the Government of the State of Jalisco and the Fundación de Arquitectura Tapatía Luis Barragán.

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Casa Gilardi

Casa Gilardi was the last great work by the legendary architectural landscaper Luis Barragan. Represented by Side Gallery, original furniture pieces by Barragan, such as a stool and a six-door cabinet, all made of sabino wood (also called ahuehuete or Montezuma Cypress) a material typically used by the architect, were exhibited at Design Basel by the gallery in 2019. Bringing together historical pieces and following his use of vibrant pigments associated with Mexican heritage, the Side Gallery space payed tribute to the Mexican architect who painted modernism pink. Casa Gilardi, is no exception to Barragán works, the interior and exterior architecture was a continuation of the architect’s colorful trajectory, as well as the harmonization of his work with the surrounding nature. Aged 80 years old and after almost ten years of retirement, Barragan fulfilled the request of Pancho Gilardi and carried out his final masterpiece. The house reflects the influences of Mexican culture so often seen in Barragan’s work. The small pink house is built on the longitudinal axis of the land and fragmented into two parts which are then connected by a patio surrounding a Jacaranda tree, which Barragan famously said the house must grow around and not vice versa. Pancho Gilardi, gave the house to his friend and business partner Martin Luque, who now lives there with his family, taking care to maintain the house exactly how Barragán built it. In 2016 Nowness created a short film illustrating the architect’s fantastic use of colour, pink, yellow, red and blue dominate the exterior and interior walls, leaving green to nature, as Barragan would say.

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Jumex Foundation Museum

Museo Jumex is Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo’s main platform. It opened its doors to the public in November 2013 as an institution devoted to contemporary art, whose aim was not only to serve a broad and diverse public, but also to become a laboratory for experimentation and innovation in the arts. Through its exhibitions and public programs, Museo Jumex aspires to become a relevant institution in the field of art by producing and co-producing original exhibitions and research, familiarizing our audiences with the concepts and contexts that inform current art practice. Through the use of critical and pedagogical tools, the museum’s educational programs further the institution’s commitment to build links between contemporary art and the public. Furthering its commitment to experimentation and innovation, the curatorial program at Museo Jumex is exemplary of the museum’s vision. It’s objective is to provide our audiences with the tools to apprehend the historical, social and cultural specificities of the art of our time through our exhibitions and public programs.

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Liga DF

LIGA was established in 2011 as an initiative by Carlos Bedoya, Ruth Estévez, Wonne Ickx, Víctor Jaime and Abel Perles to create an exhibition space for reflecting on architecture as a discursive practice. Many ideas and approaches have driven LIGA over the years since: to present in Mexico the work of architects from the rest of Latin America and to expand frontiers with a gaze that looks to the South; to establish relationships between the different practices and generate an archive of the young studios and architects in the region, identifying the characteristics of Latin American architecture, without looking for a unifying style or making generalizations. Thanks to the numerous activities we organize, at LIGA we connect with other disciplines, independent spaces and organizations, proposing a forum of many voices; we attend to both formal ideas related to design processes and to socio-political problems. LIGA tries out new methodologies to respond with theoretical and factual tools to the context we inhabit. On the basis of these premises LIGA has gradually evolved: a place that raises questions about how architecture is exhibited, as well as a space for the production of knowledge, dialogue and informal discussion, with the aim of fostering encounters between those who like to meet with friends and discuss projects. In 2018, LIGA is leaving its gallery space on Insurgentes Avenue to open a new venue in the Doctores neighborhood, one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, which combines cutting-edge projects with traditional workshops and spaces. In this new phase, LIGA continues with its monographic exhibitions dedicated to the work of young Latin American architects, while incorporating a new dimension with architects and researchers, writers, curators and academics who present their research in an exhibition format. In this way, LIGA is reasserting its interest in new forms of making exhibitions, and the definition of architecture as an experimental and social science.

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We are a group of people passionate about getting material and space to be continually transformed and thus evolve the way in which we perceive the world. Our world. Furthermore, we are a node of creative connections that promote design, culture and art through extraordinary experiences. And finally, we are a leading global platform in natural and technological raw materials of the highest quality.

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With surfaces above 98% structural glass, minimalist windows are all about glazing. From an industrial point of view, more significant glass dimensions require larger tempering furnaces, smooth operability and technical performances impose precision and higher quality standards, often more demanding than defined by international glass processing norms. To keep up with new challenges, panoramah! verticalized its industrial activity and integrated glass transformation in 2011. Continuously investing in its transformation capacity ever since, it became one of the largest glass transformers in Europe with a 9-metre furnace and the ability to process double- and triple-glazed units up to 29 sqm. This capacity has proved critical in different processes, mainly as glass progressively absorbs new functions, admits irregular and curved shapes or assumes various aesthetic requirements. panoramah! is currently the only manufacturer of minimalist windows in the world that processes and manufactures the main components of its systems, having full control and accountability over the entire process. From design to manufacture and installation, we answer for the complete system, both glass and aluminium. We streamlined glass transformation, adaptation to the system and transportation to the job site, rendering an apparently risky and complex procedure into an everyday job. Furthermore, with built experience in over 60 different countries and a strong network of more than 50 certified specialized partners, panoramah! is effectively present throughout the globe. Supported by our team, this network is composed by fully experienced technicians that ensure a constant presence at all stages, from glazing consulting to installation and long-term maintenance.

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