Arrhov Frick

The office was founded in 2010 in Stockholm by Johan Arrhov (1979) and Henrik Frick (1977). In 2017 Carlos Nieto (1977) became a collaborating partner. Working with a diversity of projects, the ambition is to create architecture that makes life better for the people. We believe architecture should be simple to construct and easy to maintain. A building should be pleasant to live in and to discover. The architecture is often reduced to its fundamentals, emphasizing ideological and programmatic simplicity through a focus on function, structural economy and construction logic. Many of the projects support flexible infrastructures that are capable of future iterations and uses, encouraging sustainability and longevity in the building industry. The office has a collective competence with experience in all phases of the building process – from concept to finished building – including BIM-management on a larger scale. In parallel to the studio, an involvement in the academic discourse as critics in juries and universities internationally is important. They frequently lecture throughout the world and their work is widely published in international magazines and books. Among other honors, Arrhov Frick has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale and has recently been selected to redesign the new Architecture Museum in Stockholm. Since 2021, Johan Arrhov is appointed as visiting professor at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, Switzerland, holding a research-based studio addressing questions of necessary changes in behaviors and simplified constructions to achieve relevant and beautiful architectural proposals.

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