Gabriela Carrillo

Principal a TallerGabrielaCarrillo since 2017 and co-founder of colectivo c733, after beingpartner for more than nine years at Taller RochaCarrillo. She studied and is academic since 2003 at the Faculty of Architecture a UNAM, where she is principal at EstudioRX; besides other institutions as GSD Harvard and the WAVE program in Venice University, amongothers. She is member of the System of Creators of Art at FONCA and of the ArchitectureAcademy since 2019. Her work has achieved multiple national and international recognitions as the Emerging Voices Award in 2014, The Cátedra Federico Mariscal by FA UNAM, the Médaille d'Or Palmarés 2019 by the Architecture Academy of France and theprize "Architect of the Year 2017" by The Architectural Review.

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