Johan Celsing

Johan Celsing is a Swedish architect practicing in Stockholm where he holds a professorship at the Royal Institute of Technology. Johan Celsing has designed institutions for universities and art in Sweden such as the University College of Teachers, The Millesgarden Art Gallery, The Bonnier Konsthall in Stockholm and the Museum of Sketches in Lund. In the field of sacred and ceremonial institutions Johan Celsing won the international competition by invitation and designed the New Crematorium at the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm that was inaugurated in 2014. The new Church at Årsta in Stockholm was inaugurated in 2011. Johan Celsing was in charge of the reconstructions 2015 of the canopies at the chapels at the Malmö Eastern Cemetery designed by Sigurd Lewerentz in 1943. Another recent work is a 19-floor Apartment Brick Tower built in Malmö. In Stockholm Johan Celsing recently completed a small 4-storey private recidence with exteriors of varied yellow glazed bricks. On-going projects include the University Library at Uppsala and a Cultural Centre in Scania. Johan Celsings works are reoccurringly characterized by exteriors of reticence where the interiors in contrast are worked out to provide atmospheres of vitality and warmth. Johan Celsing aim to achieve buildings of an intense but realistic craftsmanship. Johan Celsing has lectured around Europe and overseas. His works have been published in several countries. Johan Celsing is an elected member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts as well as a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Sweden. In 2016 Johan Celsing was appointed chairman of the jury in the Premis FAD Internacional 2017.

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