Estudio Herreros

In 2014, Herreros Arquitectos was transformed into estudio Herreros with the intention of opening up its practice to a partnership based configuration with which an international agenda can be approached while building on a solid national reputation. The first architect to become an associate is Jens Richter in recognition of his career with Herreros Arquitectos which began with its founding and where he has held the post of Director since 2010. What is specific to the design methodology at estudioHerreros is the application of a work system which adapts the 30 years of experience of its founder Juan Herreros to a new generation of highly complex projects where divergent elements come together to find a happy coincidence: advanced architectural and urban programs and ideas, conflict situations of all kinds, strategic management matters, technical difficulties, sustainable energy resources, etc. The fundamental idea adheres to the organizational principle of “the elaboration of a project for every project”, the cornerstone of the studio where the customer, specialists and architects come together to construct a situation of permanent dialogue where there are no matters of lesser importance.

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