Luís Urbano

Luis Urbano (1972) graduated in Architecture from the University of Coimbra, from where he later concluded a post-graduation in ‘Architecture, Territory and Memory’. He holds a PhD in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture at University of Porto (2015), where he began teaching in 1999. Since then he has been lecturing in architecture schools, museums and conferences, chiefly focusing on the intersections between architecture and cinema. On this theme he has contributed with essays and reviews to academic journals and professional magazines. He has coordinated the international seminar ‘Designing Light’ (2007); the workshop ‘Cinemarchitecture’ (2008-2010); the summer course ‘Architecture and Film’ (2010-2012), and the research project ‘Silent Rupture. Intersections between architecture and film. Portugal, 1960-1974’ (2010-2013). He has edited the books ‘Designing Light’ (2007); ‘Mundo Perfeito: Fernando Guerra Photography’ (2008) and ‘Revoluções, Arquitectura e Cinema nos Anos 60/70’ (2013). He is the editor of ‘JACK- Journal on Architecture and Cinema’. He authored the book ‘Histórias Simples. Textos sobre arquitectura e cinema’ (2013) and directed the short films on architecture ‘Sizígia’ (2012), ‘The house next door’ (2012) and ‘How to draw a house’ (2014).

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