Nuno Melo Sousa

Nuno Melo Sousa, 1988. Studied at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto. Erasmus at TUdelft -bouwkunde, The Netherlands. Exchange program at Balkrishna Doshi’s International Studio in Sangath, Ahmedabad, India. Collaborated at atelier [A] ainda arquitectura and with Nuno Brandão Costa. Adjunct professor at INDA - Faculty of Architecture of the Chulalongkorn University- Bangkok, Thailand, between 2015 and 2017, teaching studios from year one to year four. Has conducted his year 4 studio, with field trips to Tokyo, Japan and Sydney, Australia. Teaching year one design - Projecto I as an invited professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto - FAUP, from 2020. Since 2012, his practice focuses on a local exchange between craftsmanship and peculiar and close relationships with clients, aiming to be as site specific as disruptive in the act of (un)building. Published in Casabella, A10, on diseño, among other online publications such as Dezeen, Archello, Archdaily and Designboom. Casa no Tâmega was awarded with a special mention from the jury for the 2021’s FAD architecture prize and the Proposal for the expansion of Sverre Fehn’s Domkirkeodden competition in Hamar, Norway, was shortlisted. Has lectured and guest critique in schools as Mendrisio School of Architecture’s Atelier Olgiati - Patrícia Silva studio, Toronto School of Architecture, UNAB Santiago do Chile, DARQ Coimbra, FAUP and ISCTE Lisbon. Was Tutor at the international Porto Academy 2021 architecture workshop and the ESAD Porto Design Biennale Petite Follies 2021 building workshop. His drawings have been exhibited in galleries in Penafiel, Porto, Lisbon and is currently preparing an exhibition in Faro.

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