Solano Benitez

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the National University of Asunción in 1986; he was awarded the national prize for architecture 1989-1999 by the college of Paraguayan architects; he reached the finals of the second “premio Mies van der Rohe de arquitectura latinoamericana”; he represented Paraguay at the Biennali in Venice, São Paolo and Lisbon, the capital of Ibero-American culture. He has been invited to speak at the following universities: in Argentina, at the National Universities of Rosario, Mar del Plata, Santa Fe, Oberà, La Plata, Tucuman, Resistencia and Buenos Aires; at the Catholic Universities of Cordoba and Posadas, Torcuato University in Tella and Palermo University in Buenos Aires; in Brazil, in San Pãolo, at the Mackenzie University, the Escola da Cidade, the Federal University of São Carlos, Umuarama and Belo Horizonte; in Chile, at the Catholic University of Santiago, the Andrés Bello National University and the University Diego Portales; in Ecuador, at the Catholic University of Quito; in Panama, at the Isthmus School of Architecture; in Peru, at the Ricardo Palma University and at the Catholic University in Lima; in Spain, at the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura in Madrid; in the United States, at Arizona State University, Berkeley University of California, San Francisco University and Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He founded the “Gabinete de Arquitectura”, a professional architectural studio, which he currently shares with his partners Alberto Marinoni and Gloria Cabral. His recent works include: leisure facilities in Ytú (Paraguay), 1997-1998 (this work reached the finals of the second Mies van der Rohe Latin-American architecture prize”); a tomb in Priribebuy (Paraguay), 2000-2001; the Unilever office in Villa Elisa (Paraguay), 2000-2001; Casa Esmeraldina, Asunción (Paraguay), 2002; Casa Fanego, Asunción (Paraguay), 2003 (with Sergio Fanego); Casa Abu & Font, Asunción (Paraguay), 2005-2006; Casa Las A

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