P2F is an architectural agency created in 2009 by François Chas, Nicolas Guérin, Fabrice Long and Paul Maitre Devallon. Today, it has around twenty people spread across Nice and Paris and operates in various cities in France and abroad. The projects, on which NP2F is working, are both architectural and urban, and its areas of expertise are sport, housing, cultural and educational buildings, places of relaxation and restoration, public space. The agency acquired a strong knowledge of sports spaces in the Paris metropolitan area by being scientific commissioner of the exhibition « Sports, portrait of a metropolis » for the arsenal pavilion in 2014. Whatever name is given, architecture, town planning, design,we believe that all the spatial complexities of the territory are emerging and that it’ is from the drawing that the first act of construction is born. Drawing is the tool of the understanding of pre-existing logics and the prefiguration of future potentials. A form must have intelligence. We therefore attach major and permanent importance to it, we believe that it is the quality of the design that will be born the solidity,’utility and elegance of the spaces produced. The project tends to geometrize hypotheses, to create a culture of the subject, while necessarily establishing an order and a prioritization of the actions to be carried out. Thus, it is often necessary to focus our efforts and the economy of the operation on a few specific points: a hierarchy of gesture to allow us to focus on the essential. One element,as trivial as it is, can alone change the global image and quality of use of a place. This amounts to being a fake in front of any determinism; the size or the constraints of an intervention cannot justify a minimum posture, quite the contrary. Like Urban Villas, housing can engage a powerful territorial reflection and conversely we are convinced that’a public square can convey notions of precise domesticity.

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