MMBB Architects came about in 1991 as a result of the association of the architects Fernando de Mello Franco, Marta Moreira and Milton Braga. Previous experience provided by their capacities as collaborators in Brazilian and foreign companies was gathered in one common organization, consolidating a comprehensive professional performance which has stood out by the development of public and institutional designs in the area of building and urbanism. The designs, carried out sometimes in the form of different associations and collaborations with several architects and engineering consultancy companies, have allowed for the organization of a multidisciplinary activity which is needed taking into account the comprehensiveness and complexity of the works accomplished. The association with engineering consultancy companies has been characterized by the development of infrastructure urban designs such as bus station terminuses and corridors, underground garage, highway toll places, pedestrian walkways, etc. The continuous collaboration with the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha since 1995, in its turn, offers the opportunity to develop large scale designs to institutional and governmental bodies intended to cultural and educational activities and buildings to cater for the sector of services. The concern with a critical and analytical posture has led MMBB architects to extend their activities to the cultural and academic sphere. Not only do the associates carry out a parallel production in the way of participation and/or organization of cultural events, exhibitions, biennials but also develop an academic activity encompassing teaching and research.

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