Serôdio Furtado

João Pedro Alves de Guimarães Serádio was born in 1963. He graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Oporto, in 1991. He was a trainee in the offices of Herzog & Meuron in Basel, Switzerland. He has had his own office in Oporto since 1992. He was assistant teacher for the module Proiect IV in the Architecture course at Lusiada University from 1997 to 2002. He was guest teacher for the module Project IV at the FAUP from 2002 to 2006. He is assistant teacher for the module Project IV at the FAUP since 2006. He is invited professor at the Faup since 2011. Integrate the new direction board of the new Architecture Course at Lusofona University of Porto, since 2012. Defended his doctorate thesis: 'Projecto e Contexto Pensado na Obra de Seródio, Furtado & Associados" in 2015. Born in 1965. Graduate in Architecture Faaculty at Porto University in 1991. Workshop chair in Architecture Project Design III at Lusíada Universityof PortoBetween 2003 and 2006

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