Sauter Von Moos

Sauter von Moos is an architecture studio established in Basel by Florian Sauter and Charlotte von Moos, and as of late based in Miami. The studio engages in work on all scales, both in theory and practice. We like places of authenticity. Fine-tuned environmental, urban, and programmatic differentiation enhances spatial identity. We value the expressive powers of architecture, but also its need to answer the subtleties of the pragmatic. Fostering social interaction, our work should respond to both a communal and human scale. Shaped by earth, water, air, and light, it aims to intimately embrace and bring the world to presence, amazed by its complexity and beauty. Advocating for experimentation and exploration, freeness in architecture, for us, primarily means continually challenging one’s own convictions. As a joyful act of poetic imagination, we hope to create spaces and places of serenity, simplicity, and magical enchantment which, no matter how sumptuous or how humble, contribute to a dignified life.

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