Johansen Skovsted

Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter is a younger award-winning architectural office. They provide solid, cost-conscious, locally rooted architecture that creates social cohesion and engages in dialogue with its surroundings. Projects are created in close cooperation with the developer, users, stakeholders and authorities, in order to create the best conditions for everyone. The site is evoked with respect for the surroundings regardless whether it is in the transformation of existing buildings or in creating new ones. As an architectural studio, Johansen Skovsted are concerned with resource awareness - both in material and financial sense. Their focus lies on preserving existing building stock and circularity in recycling and reusability, which is emphasized in the choice and use of both conventional, biogenic and regenerative materials. We process and optimize construction and material handling, in collaboration with locals, professionals and specialists from the construction industry, to ensure that the climatic, economic and maintenance costs are kept down. It is a way of working where we cut to the bone and remove redundant layers, which gives the projects their architectural expression. Johansen Skovsted works competently with cultural heritage and transformation in complex stakeholder and authority relationships, as well as under physical conditions that place special demands on the design of the building or the landscape. The architectural office sees value in the built cultural heritage, but also in the more unnoticed structures that contain potential to us, as a particularly malleable resource of already existing stories, spaces and materials. The existing, the familiar and the industrial are all celebrated, and with architectural care, proportioning and spatial tools transformed into contemporary, original and characterful projects. The studio was founded in 2014 by Søren Johansen (b. 1981) and Sebastian Skovsted (b. 1982).

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