Buchner Bründler

Architecture by Buchner Bründler is distinguished by a dialogue with the place. Buildings respond to context and extend it by developing existing structures further. The Volta Zentrum – a residential and commercial building – for instance revitalised a part of the city through its polymorphism induced by the urban environment. The Hotel Nomad endows an historic facade with an imposing presence. Respect for an ancient farmhouse in Linescio resulted in a house within a house. In the case of the extension of the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio, an assertive construction actually softens its impact on the existing building stock by commencing below ground. Buchner Bründler architecture is not subject to a recurrent formalism, because every project develops its own identity. This also applies to the numerous smaller residential buildings. These works are an area of experimentation: exploring the suspenseful relation between intimacy and opening of the facade, while incorporating the needs of the client in the design – as in the Lörrach House or the Bläsiring House. What unites the architecture created is the method or approach to building. This includes conceptual work on spatial programmes, clearly articulated craftsmanship and a conscious implementation of materiality. The quest for honesty with regard to material often leads to utilisation of archaic-looking raw concrete, which creates a feeling of security through its atmospheric density and intensity.

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