In recent years, WOJR has enjoyed growing recognition, which has resulted in commissioned projects that span the United States, and extend abroad to works such as a pavilion for the 17th International Biennale Architettura in Venice, Italy. Working across the globe, WOJR has become accustomed to the challenges and rewards involved in simultaneously leveraging high-quality design culture and skilled collaborators from different corners of the world to create projects that are unique to their geographical and cultural contexts. Geographically located in Cambridge, WOJR maintains a consistent relationship with the local academic communities in various ways; William is an Associate Professor in the MIT Department of Architecture, where he has taught for a decade, and WOJR team members are affiliated with Harvard GSD and other universities. Intellectually, WOJR has an ongoing collaboration with Collective–LOK, an architectural design group formed by Jon Lott (PARA Project), William O’Brien Jr., and Michael Kubo (pinkcomma gallery), as well as Samara, an experimental product development team at Airbnb. WOJR also sponsors the Civitella Ranieri Prize for Architecture, a six-week residency for emerging designers.

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