Diogo Aguiar Studio

Diogo Aguiar Studio is a Portuguese architecture studio that was established in Porto, in 2016. The studio operates across the fields of Art and Architecture, designing small buildings and interiors, as well as temporary or fixed spatial installations destined for the public space, with the belief that a dual practice informs and boosts the work undertaken, as a speculative and spatial investigation. Its interests lie in the material and sensorial exploration of immersive architectural or artistic spaces, whether archetypal or ready-made, through geometric, abstract and elementary compositions, which present themselves as formal systems aware of the simultaneous experience of (a space´s) emptiness, seeking to reclaim the relevance of the shaping of space in Architecture. With a strong geometric, volumetric and material identity, the collection of projects built by the studio is thus a synthesis of dichotomous relationships that balance the conceptual development of the projects namely: between the new and the existing; between interior and exterior; between light and shadow; between rationality and emotion; between ethereal and material; between repetition and innovation; between unified and the whole. In recent years, the practice has been awarded several nominations for international prizes, namely: Prémis FAD 2018, BigMat Prize 2019, Europe 40 under 40 Prize, Mies van der Rohe Prize 2022, among others. Recently, Diogo Aguiar Studio was selected as one of the 25 global practices in ArchDaily´s New Practices of 2023.

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