Our architecture emerges through understanding that our creative process is an open one, a medium, and a message. It is a process that is constantly put to the test, by the multiple relations that are in its surroundings. In our practice, we like to follow an inclination for nature, where the gradients of the weather, soil, textures, and other factors, create sensorial atmospheres. The context, and all its factors; geography, timing, program, influence, weighs in our architecture in a strong but not direct way. This creates a dialogue between contradictory ideas that lead us to create an autonomous architecture that adapts individually to each project. We like to come up with a response that is strong but simple, with a geometrical approach where the exterior space is defined and bounded but not built. An architectural approach that works with light, suggesting precisely the kind of openness intended for each project – an openness between the visitors and the architecture, and between the architecture and its surroundings. We like to think that the way we have of understanding architecture implies that work cannot be done without considering both communal and personal intentions. Therefore, our conception of architecture is based on an understanding of the body and the relationship everyone establishes with their surroundings, creating an architecture of ideas and not forms.

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