Baukuh was founded in 2004 and it is based in Milan. Baukuh produces architecture. ?Designs are independent of personal taste. No member of baukuh is ever individually responsible for any single project, each of which Is the product of the office as a whole. Working without a hierarchical structure or a stylistic dogma, baukuh produces architecture out of a rational and explicit design process. This process is based on a critical understanding of the architecture of the past. The knowledge encoded in the architecture of the past is public, and starting from this public knowledge, any architectural problem can be solved. baukuh is: Paolo Carpi (1974), Vittorio Pizzigoni (1975), Giacomo Summa (1976), Pier Paolo Tamburelli (1976) and Andrea Zanderigo (1974). Baukuh completed the House of Memory in Milan in 2015 and the flagship store of the Poretti Brewery in Induno Olona in 2019. Its current projects include the restoration of the Seminar School in Hoogstraten and the master plan for the Pupillen Site in Aalst (both in Belgium), and the strategic plan for the Student City of Tirana (Albania). Baukuh won international architecture and urban design competitions (Amsterdam 2003, Budapest 2003, Pavia 2006, Genoa 2009, Torino 2010, Hoogstraten 2013, Tirana 2015, Aalst 2016), and curated exhibitions (Padua 2006, Monte Carlo 2015, Milan 2015). baukuh took part in the Rotterdam Biennale (2007 and 2011), in the Istanbul Biennial (2012), in the Venice Biennale (2008 and 2012), in the Lisbon Triennale (2016) and in the Chicago Biennial (2015 and 2017). baukuh published “Two Essays on Architecture” (Genoa, 2012 and Zurich 2014) and “Casa della memoria” (Milan, 2016). Baukuh has been awarded the honourable mention of the Fritz Höger Preis (2017) and was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award (2017), the Golden Medal of Italian Architecture (2016 and 2012), the Zumtobel Group Award, the Iakov Chernikov International Prize (2008 and 2006). baukuh received the Idea Tops Award

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